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Christ, I haven't posted in forever. It's been a hectic month or so. Good, but hectic.

I have a new paleozoology-related blog! If dinosaurs and ancient mammals are your thing, check out http://dinofelis.net

And if you know anyone interested in said prehistoric beasties, please pass the link along :3 I'd really like to get this off the ground, even if I can only amass a small following. It's an endeavor towards getting an internship with a science magazine, which I really, really want. Over break I spoke to some people involved in science writing, and I was essentially told that dreams do come true. Being a total dork and being interested in nerdy science-y things actually can translate into a line of employment.

Pretty soon I'm also going to update my food blog and re-locate it on blogspot... and probably under a sub-domain of dinofelis.net :B

As for dolls, I'm pretty certain I want to replace Kyu with a mini. Currently I'm trying to get ahold of someone to see if a custom sculpt might be possible... but I'm looking for other company sculpts as well, just in case. If you've seen a particularly mature/foxy MSD head recently, I'd love to take a look :D Ideally, he'll end up on a MNF A-line body.

ALSO CHECK OUT MAH DRAGONZ LAWL. http://dragcave.net/user/celebare They all have RETARDED names.

Aug. 14th, 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon here :B

Please click my dragon egg? I rescued it from the floor D:

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
So... Kyu might be getting re-shelled. Again :B His second re-shelling was supposed to be as a mini until I fell in love with Karon - Kyu's supposed to be pretty freaking short, after all, and the Lati blue body would put him at the perfect height compared to Roo and Tan. I don't know what head I'd use, but I'm leaning towards a modded MNF Shiwoo (which was what he was going to be before Karon, anyway).

I'm keeping the Karon head, though. If Kyu doesn't work as a mini, I can sell the mini shell and use the money for an SD body for him. If the mini works, I can save the Karon for something else.

Minis are so much easier to transport 8D;

BTW, Otakon was pretty sweet. No photos because I'm lame.
Last day of work this summer.

Gonna be late. Don't care 8D; I wish I'd had the forethought to call off today as well, but I didn't. Ah, well - it's money, I guess.

I might, just might finish Japanese with my soul in-tact. Also, sekrit mod project is frustratingly close to being done :C I have so little time for anything right now. Otakon will be a blessed vacation.
Dear Japanese,

Take that, biyatch >:O Looks like I'm finally getting somewhere. With myarmcanfly's help, I do believe I'm going to pass my second session with flying colors. My first one today was cake, but it was all reading, so I was able to focus just on that for several hours.

Also, I love the Pirates CCG/pocket model game/whatever-it's-called >3>; Not only does it involve collecting sweet cards, but there are adorable little ships to build ;o; And blowing other peoples' pirate ships up = awesome.

ETA: Halfblood Prince preview looks promising :D
Dear OSU housing,

Please send me my housing assignment. It's the end of July and I still don't know where I'm living in September :C

Why yes, this is coming along nicely ;D By no means is she finished, but we're getting there...

ETA: MARKETPLACE ACCESS?? REALLY??? Ahmahgad, please don't let it be a glitch ;O;
I'm buying the StarCraft anthology for my Mac. Why, you ask? Because I freaking love StarCraft and I don't have any games on my mac yet, that's why.

Also, it was only 14$ for both the original game and Brood Wars. I will be freakin' ready when StarCraft II comes out. (If it's an MMO I will get it, no matter how hard WoW sucks)

Jul. 21st, 2008

I'm pretty darned old today :D When do I get to start lying about my age?

I think I'm going to tell people I'm only five years old :DDDDD

(it feels weird to be 22 XD)